Moral imperative: Romeo Dallaire addresses sold-out Annapolis Valley crowd

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By: Wendy Elliot

GREENWICH –  Romeo Dallaire wants us to consider the meaning of humanity.

Citing an example from his time in Rwanda as Head of United Nations troops in during the 1994 genocide, the former senator shared his belief humans from all continents are equal when speaking Oct. 21 at Horton High School.

Dallaire described stopping a convoy to pick up a little boy, about seven years old, standing not far from a pile of massacred bodies. His stomach was bloated, he was dressed in tatters and filthy dirty, but,  looking into the boys’ eyes, Dallaire found they were identical to the eyes of his own seven-year-old son back home.

In Greenwich, he began his speech to more than 500 people by talking about rape. Dallaire said not every child soldier carries a gun.

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