Uruguayan Peacekeepers Receive Medals
Felicio De Los Santos, Deputy Force Commander of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and a national of Uruguay, awards medals of recognition to peacekeepers of the mission’s Uruguayan contingent, at a ceremony in Les Cayes, Haiti. © UN Photo/Logan Abassi

Latin American Centre of Excellence
for Children, Peace and Security

Dalhousie University signed an agreement in February 2021, with the Uruguayan Ministry of National Defence on behalf of the Dallaire Institute for Children Peace and Security, to launch the Latin American Centre of Excellence for Children, Peace and Security.

Uruguay will function as the hub for the Dallaire Institute in the region, anchoring its efforts to protect children from those seeking to recruit and deploy them as weapons of war. As with the African Centre of Excellence in Rwanda, launched in 2018 in partnership with Dalhousie, the new Latin American Centre of Excellence will provide the necessary knowledge and support to security sector personnel, policy makers, and communities to implement tangible solutions to better protect children.

The Dallaire Institute has become well known around the world for its unique approach to tackling the problem of child soldiers by empowering those in the security sector — such as military, police and peacekeeping personnel — to be “positive agents of change.”

The new Centre of Excellence is located in the National School of Peace Operations of Uruguay (ENOPU).

Our Priorities

Minister of National Defense - Dr. Javier García Duchini

Minister of National Defense – Dr. Javier García Duchini

Demonstrated regional leadership on the security sectors’ implementation of the Vancouver Principles. In particular, VP#5 focuses on doctrine, training and education and flows from UN SC 2143 that recommends that “peacekeeping troop and police-contributing countries undertake targeted and operational trainings for the preparation of UN mission personnel including troop and police contingents on their contribution in preventing violations against children.”

To sensitize and promote collaboration between regional scholars, civil society actors, and policy makers to enhance the local and international approaches available to prevent the recruitment and use of children as soldiers as central to achieving a Children, Peace and Security Agenda.

Strengthen policy cooperation at the African Union and subregional levels to move forward the Children, Peace and Security agenda.

What we do

Engage at all levels with relevant stakeholders to promote the endorsement and implementation of the Vancouver Principles.

The Vancouver Principles are central to the promotion of the Children, Peace and Security Agenda. The VP are motivated by the conviction that preventing the recruitment and use of child soldiers is not a peripheral issue to UN peacekeeping, it is critical to achieving overall mission success and to setting the conditions for lasting peace and security.

Serve as a regional hub for prevention-oriented security sector training.

We are expanding the reach of our world-class curriculum and developing new courses and approaches to delivery to meet the challenges to a children’s protection as central to achieving peace & security on the continent.

Convene and lead a community of knowledge.

Academics, security sector actors, civil society and policy makers are actioned to be sensitized and promote a peace and security agenda that puts the protection of children at its very core –A Children, Peace and Security agenda.

CoE Key Supporters

As a Rwanda based institution, The CoE receives support from the Rwandan Government which includes access to the RDF and similar specialized institutions for our training and research efforts. Rwanda also supports our work as a policy champion in multilateral settings, including at the African Union level and beyond.

Through our agreement with the Dallaire Centre of Excellence on Children, Peace and Security, established by the Department of National Defence, we support the reach and impact of the CoE regionally and globally.

Germany’s Federal Foreign Office is the largest funder of the work that is being done in Rwanda, working to enhance the scope of what can be achieved in this context.

Intact Insurance has been critical to the establishment of the African CoE with their significant financial and resource support.